Committee Members

Committee Members 2019:            Executive Committee

President:       Sean Christie       0421661656

Senior Vice:    David Coghlan     0438444331

Junior Vice:    Nathan King         0414772215

Secretary:       Warren Mason

Treasurer:       Jodie Hollman     0409715189

Competition Secretary:   Lee Hinton   0405 699 424 


Committee Members: Mohammad Al-Jerman, Margaret Rowan, Terry Morris, Lee Hinton, Gavin Atkin, Dion Wilcok, Luke Morris, Scott McLoughlin, Jennifer McKay, Darrin Baker and Samantha Daley

Complaints:   Please contact the Secretary in the first instance who will advise to put complaint in writing addressed to the Secretary, Penrith RSL Soccer Club.

A meeting will be held to discuss the complaint and a hearing called within 7 days if action is to be taken on the complaint.